Smoke Alarm maintenance and proper installation

Making sure your home is safe is always your number one priority. Afterall, this is where you and your family live, eat, play, and sleep. The best way to make sure your family and home is protected, is by installing and maintaining your homes fire detection system(s) or smoke detectors.

Over 90% of the homes in the United States have at least one smoke alarm, That’s a good number! However, it is estimated that a third of these smoke alarms are no longer operable due to lack of maintenance.

Below is a list of items that lay out the proper maintenance/installation of your homes early fire detection system(s):

  • Smoke detectors should be replaced every decade or sooner. The average lifespan for a smoke detector is 10 years, after that the effectiveness of the system goes down by more than 35%.
  • Dust and vacuum individual smoke detectors to make sure all built up dust or debris (new construction) is removed. This should be done 1-2 times a year.
  • Replace batteries every year.
  • The U.S. Fire Administration recommends using both ionization and photoelectric detectors. Ionization detectors activate quickly for flames that spread quickly before smoke builds in the home. Photoelectric detectors respond quickly to slower burning fires.
  • Smoke detectors should be located:
    1. Outside every bedroom
    2. Inside every bedroom
    3. On every floor/level of the structure
  • With newer construction, the smoke alarms should be connected to the homes electrical system for power and can also be monitored by the security system/company.

Smoke detectors can help protect you, your family, and your home. Although they do not prevent or extinguish a fire, they can assure you that you and your family have enough time to evacuate the home and get to safety.

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