Here at DualCheck Inspections, thermal imaging is included with every home inspection. When utilizing thermal imaging with our inspection services, we can offer further insight into the function of components and systems. This technology is critical for finding issues, that would otherwise go undiscovered in a basic visual inspection.


Thermal imaging is a powerful temperature measurement tool. It is perfect for diagnosing electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and building problems. The infrared camera offers a non-invasive means of monitoring and diagnosing the condition of a structure and its systems. “Non-invasive” means zero damage needs to be done to utilize the Infrared Camera.

Basically, Infrared technology allows the Inspector to get a better understanding of issues that can only be detected by revealing a thermal difference. This important tool allows us to detect moisture, electrical problems, missing insulation, loose duct work, and even unexpected guests like rodents. Continuous moisture from a leak can lead to mold growth, faulty Electrical wiring can result in a fire (second leading cause of fires in homes), and Thermal loss such as missing insulation results in higher energy costs and waste.

We use the best equipment in modern thermal technology. Our Flir Infrared cameras are top of the line, and allow us to provide our clients with the most clear and visually accurate images on the market. All of our Inspectors have completed the Monroe Infrared CRT course and are Certified Residential Thermographers.

Do not get your home inspected without a proper Thermal scan!